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Top 5 Best Work from Home Online Jobs to Earn Money in 2019

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Online jobs are becoming one of the most noticeable trends of India now. A recent study on people working from home leaving us amazed with the number, which is 76% of total working people in India. We all know that the internet is booming day by day and in India we are having ocean of opportunities and each drop of internet worth to earn money. 

But amongst so many jobs and opportunities finding the right path and channeling towards the proper destination is our goal to success.  

As the time goes by, we can witness a large number of digital marketing companies growing in India, offering majority of online earners a decent income of Rs. 30000/- to Rs. 50000/- per month. Majority of these work from home people are freelancers which means they aren’t bound to any company and can work with as many clients they are comfortable with. Also most of the online job holders are students and young generation of the country. 

You can start earning from the first day, only requirement is your effort and hard work that will only give you success. Let’s spend some minutes to learn the top 5 proven ideas in 2019 to earn money thereby working from home.

Here in this blog we present the best paying online jobs of 2019, best for college students, homemakers and part time job seekers. We developed this article after a long research over the internet to share some genuine experience and facts. 

All these methods mentioned in the article will help you to make at least a decent at the end of every month by working thereby finishing your college assignments and other works. 

  1. Click Ads: 

Many people don’t know that clicking on Ads can get you money. This is a very suitable way to start your online working journey. Because it is absolutely free to start and requires only few skills to work. It is one of the most popular online jobs in India hence across the world.

Every business needs advertising to for their brand to persuade selling their products to the customers. And we all know that advertisers cost million dollars for advertising and marketing. 

Therefore the marketing ideology of paid to click sites gives rise. PTC sites act as middlemen between advertiser and potential viewers. What they do is they actually create an artificial audience to lead their page or blog so they can reach the potential audience. 

To earn from Click Ads you need to register a free account of original paying pay to click sites. After registration you can loin daily and view ads. 

Last time we cocked people get paid between $0.001 to $0.01 depending on the length  of the ad. You can watch the ad in your computer browser; most of the ads are almost 5 to 30 secs. All payments are cleared via PayPal and Payza. 

We know the in naked eye the income looks less but with proper strategy you can earn more than Rs 10000/- per month with this program. Learn how to earn money with PTC sites?

  1. Content Writing: 

If you posses the talent of describing a topic or event in 1500 to 2000 words then you can able to earn Rs 150/- to Rs 1000/- per article you write. 

Blogging business is booming everyday and they look for talented content writers to write on behalf of their blogs. Content writing jobs are the most demanded online jobs. 

As content creation is most important and essential part of any marketing. Content marketing is increasing day by day hence the demand of content writer arises. Many webmasters are in search of unique and original content that will attract more views and better SEO.

All you have to invest is time and proper skills. If you can manage write to 2-3 hours of day to write 1500-2000 world articles and sell to for money. There are few websites that you can get free membership to start content writing such as Upwork, workinhire, Fiverr where you can write and sell your articles. 

  1. Work and Earn from Bitcoins: 

We all know that Bitcoin is the most popular virtual currency or may I say Cryptocurrency having real value as money. Of course, the value of 1BTC is about 15000USD which is nearly equal to 11,50,00/- in India currency. 

Ways of earning Bitcoin include Mining, Trading and working in Faucet sites. If you want to earn from home then the third method is apt for you to earn free Bitcoins. 

As the first two methods requires some investment from you and to start making income.  Working with free cryptocurrencies is the best way to earn money from home. Faucet sites offer free Bitcoins after completing certain tasks such as Captca solving, solving simple math problems etc. 

You can be paid up to 0.0001BTC for a single task, if you commit 10 working hours a day, you’ll able to make Rs- 40000/- every month with proper strategy. 

Make yourself a list of genuine Faucet sites and register to earn Bitcoins from today. 

  1. Become a blogger: 

Earn money and make your name by blogging. Blogging is seemingly the most popular way of earning money online. And the best thing is you are not bound to blog about things you don’t like or not interested. You can start writing about things you know and like. Best way to success is to find your niche and write and publish on your blog. This is one of the best way earn money from home.

What you have to for making money from blogging

• Choose a niche (Food, Education, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, technical, technology blogs)
• Register a domain and purchase hosting
• Write quality articles and start publishing
• Promote your blog through Social Media
• Drive traffic from all possible sources.

There are mostly popular two ways to start your blog, number one, using freeways such as by using the free blogging services such as Blogger.com or WordPress. Blogging has become so much easier with these free CMS.

Another way include is paid blogging, where you can register your blog with your personal domain instead of money. You have purchase the hosting based on your location choice.  But this method is slightly tilted towards the pro scale. If you are a newbie, you start by free blogging. 

Once your blog starts to receive webtraffic from Google, then you can apply for Google Adsense program, which is the proven best monetization method online. 

If you are worried about not getting approval from Adsense, then there are ways of making money without Adsense. 

  • Display Advertisements programs such as Chitika, Bing Ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Selling own products (or) services.
  • Selling Ad Spaces to potential advertisers.

      You can blog for passion, studying or just sharing your touts and experience in your life. 

  1. Become a online seller: 

E-commerce is the recent trend in India with the introduction of marketing giants like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay and many more have started online marketing brand. 

In the method the seller has to list their products on the online websites and when someone orders you get the money like any regular retailer. However, all prior process including payment, processing, packing and delivery is handled by the website.

You earn money two ways, either you be a online seller and sell products or you can sell products through social media marketing, direct selling or email marketing etc. we you can get commission for each sale. 

Registration requires no money, and you can sell anything from wherever you can. You can do this every day on your free time and earn good money at the end of the month from your home.

In conclusion

So, in this article we have listed top 5 legitimate ways of earning money online without being scammed. 

However, as I mentioned here is few more worth to mention works available such as Data entry, Web design, Web development etc. including content writing you can do these jobs as freelancers which mean you can work anywhere, anytime with anyone. There are no boundaries. 

Furthermore, working online or from home has a lot of advantages, including the comfort of home and comfort of making choice as well. 

When you earn a little name, you can set your own terms and conditions for payment and work. There are many sites offer freelancing jobs like Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Elance.com etc are the very good options for earn money from home.

With few skills and effort online jobs are suitable for all times of people to earn an extra income. Also if you are a student, you can follow your own pat and brush up your skills before enter the real job world. 

Let us know on which field you want your online career in the comments below.

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