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Cameras - Photography - Reviews - August 15, 2019

The Best Travelling Camera Of This Year 2019

Best _ Travelling _ Camera _ in _ 2019

Today we are here to advise you about the travel cameras. If you are a traveler and love to capture your memories wherever you go, these are the cameras that can serve you the purpose. It is good that you have a good smartphone that can capture the moments. But a travel camera is an excellent companion to have with you as your smartphone battery can drain out if you use a phone camera too much. So, we have picked 5 Best travelling camera that will suit you the best for your next adventure.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100:

With 1inch type 20.1MP sensor, this camera comes at only 44,999 INR. This camera gives you a continuous shooting of 10fps. It also comes with a 3inch tilt angle screen that offers the perfect views for the beginner level. It allows 4k video recording with a built-in viewfinder. The only downside is that it provides a limited zoom range.

Panasonic Lumix ZS200:

With large 1.0inch screen type 20.1Mp sensor this is a handy camera that you can take as a companion with you when traveling next time. It has an EVF viewfinder and 10fps continuous shooting that helps you make good photos. It supports 4k video recording and allows 650 shots in full battery. It is much expensive than the other cameras in this list which may put you in a dilemma, but at the same time, its 15x zoom will attract you.

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS:

It has 20.3MP with 2.3inch sensor that allows a perfect photographic experience if you are a beginner. With 5.9fps continuous shooting and 1080p video recording, this is one of the must-have while traveling. It is available at price of 50,554 INR that gives you an excellent zoom range, but it lacks viewfinder.

Olympus TG-5:

The unique feature of this camera is that it can shoot underwater where other cameras do not work. It has 12MP 2.3inch sensor with 20fps continuous shooting. At 26,999 price this camera provides RAW shooting option, but it too lacks viewfinder. 

Nikon D3500:

This DSLR masterpiece that comes only at 29,250 INR is easy to use and excellent for the use of beginners. With APS-C 24.2Mp sensor and optical viewfinder, this camera can help you capture your memories with detail. The camera provides excellent image quality, and 1550 battery life is worthy of traveling partner for you. The downside is it does not support 4K video.

So, with this article, we are sure you can easily choose your next travel buddy.

Capture the best moments of your travel with these compact travelling cameras.

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