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TVs - October 24, 2019

Top 3 smart LED Television in India 2019

Top 3 smart LED Television in India 2019

For the past decades, television has been the most important source of entertainment in the Indian households.  We can watch a wide range of telecast through television. In India, television plays an important role in media as well. Whether it is news channel or entertainment channels, various ranges of telecasts are broadcasted throughout the day. 

As the time has changed, TV as changed too, with time television as become more advanced and now comes with lots of features loaded.  Nowadays TVs are not just big screens with bright colors. They are internet enabled, which means you can connect your TV wit your internet network and stream your favorite shows and movies online. They are now called the smart TVs. In this article we will bring down India’s top most smart LED TVs of 2019. 

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When we look for smart TVs, we talk about lots of features which promise you to give an experience of a lifetime. With the arrival of smart TVs, watching television is like never before. The smart TV as become more entertaining and fun. If you dip into the market there are wide collections of smart TVs available offering you different features and sizes, but buying the best amongst them takes a bit of research. 

So to save your time, we have done the research and come up with 3 best smart TVs in the country. So make your choice by understanding your preferences and ten select the best TV after reading this article. 


Hands down, SAMSUNG 49 inch full HD TV is one of the best smart TV in India. Look down and check its amazing features it is offering: 

  • Dolby Digital Sound System.
  • You can download your preferable apps at your convenience. 
  • It doesn’t require any additional set-top box; the TV comes with a CF card. 
  • Also you can link your smart phones to your SAMSUNG smart TV. 


  • The screen resolution is of 1920X1080 pixels. It has full HD picture quality with LED display technology. To make the display lively, there is support for HDR.
  • The refresh rate is 60 Hz.
  • Samsung 49 inches Smart TV has 1 USB port to support ARC, 2 HDMI ports, 1 aerial cable, a CF card slot, 1 LAN Port as well as some digital audio connectivity options.
  • It has an inbuilt WiFi option as well to avail all the internet facilities.
  • The TV is powered by a quad-core processor to make it fast as well as effective.
  • It has a standard IR based remote for easy use of navigation. The TV runs on Tizen interface which is developed by Samsung. It has a lot of features to offer.
  • The manufacturer gives a warranty for a year.


  • It has no remote control as well as no voice assistant.

When we talk about TV, there’s no other brand that can compete with the popularity with Sony. Sony has huge impact on the television industry. The Sony bravia range was very popular since its launch. 

  • The TV as amazing picture clarity with full High Definition 1920 x 1080 resolution. You would be able to see the smallest details in your TV and all thanks to the X- Reality Pro feature.
  • It comes with thrilling HDR feature; you would be able to see all the details in the darkest corner of the picture. The texture of the picture is amazing and which surely make you spellbound.
  • The Smart Plug and Play option lets you to share Medias from any other smart devices very easily.
  • Now you can see your favorite photos on a larger TV screen along with others.
  • The remote provided with the TV has a direct YouTube and Netflix button so that you can watch your favorite shows and programs by clicking only once. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • There is an option of multiple languages so that you can choose your regional Indian language and navigate. So no matter which language you want to taste, Sony has brought you all of them.
  1. Panasonic TH-43FX650D Ultra HD (4K) 43 inch Smart TV

The brand Panasonic comes with various range of smart TVs.  The brand offers unbelievable features available on TV will set the bar high. 

  • Panasonic offers you the most bright and crisp a display with more than the With 4K Ultra HD display with 3840×2016 pixel density. The display will surely make you glued to your seats for the rest of the day.
  • You would be able to personalize your home screen through voice command which is really amazing. All of your family members can customize and save them separately according to their preferences.
  • The IPS Panel would help you to view the TV with ease from any corner of the room that you are in.
  • Do you want extra colours for everything you see on your TV? Then the Hexa Chroma Drive feature is for you.
  • The famous Swipe and Share feature would help you to get access to all your media files in the phone to the large screen TV only through a single swipe.

Are you looking for the best smart TV in India, choose the best from our top Also let us know what is your favourite smart TV. 

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