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All you need to know about Jio GigaFiber

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The long-awaited Jio GigaFiber will be launched on September 5th. We are here to answer all the questions that are bothering you about the new GigaFiber. Jio Fiber is an attempt by Jio to reach maximum houses with the highest internet speed so that everyone enjoys the high-speed life and experience the fast-paced downloading, uploading, and streaming.

The popularity of already reached 15 million plus registration from over 1600 towns all over India over the past year. At the Annual General Meeting, Ambani and his team also confirmed that they would be distributing fast broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps. Jio Fiber is set to offer mixed reality, gaming, television services, and fixed-line voice calling access.

Prices: GigaFiber plans will come in annual and monthly subscriptions. Annual subscription offers still did not confirm but monthly packages will start from Rs 700 and will be up to Rs 10,000.

Speed: The minimum speed will be of 100Mbps, and it will be up to 1Gbps.

Set-Top Box: This set-top box offered by Jio will let you witness some never before smart features. We have listed below the features that will be available:

Subscriber will be enjoying hosting video calls up to four people at once.

This box will also support console gaming and will be compatible with all gaming controllers. It will also have an in-built graphics card, and with Jio Fiber network it promises zero-latency multiplayer gaming.

The box will also be featuring all premium content from the leading OTT platform in India.

There will be a first-day first show subscription offer that will let you watch a new movie in the home on the same day when a movie is released. But it will take some time and will be launched from 2020.

Jio Set-top box will support Mixed reality Services like shopping, education movies, etc. For example, the option will be creating a virtual version of the user and check out how a dress looks in real while shopping.

Post-paid Plan: Jio also announced a new post-paid subscription plan for users. The Jio post-paid Plus subscription is considered to be India’s priority SIM set-up service at home. Jio assures uninterrupted voice and data connectivity with the post-paid service. Roaming charges will be at a fraction of cost compared to other operators, and phone upgrades will be offered at privileged rates.

With all the information provided above, we hope you have got to know a lot about the new Jio GigaFiber. Star pre-booking now.

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