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Career - More - August 22, 2019

Air Hostess Salary in India – Learn More

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For all the aspirants who dream of flying high and want to take a job at air hostess, you came to the right place. We will be discussing here today about every prospect of getting into an air hostess profession.

The first quality of an air hostess is a pleasant disposition, and she must get along quickly with all kinds of people.

An air hostess has many responsibilities on a plane. She welcomes every passenger, leads each to his or her seat and arranges them in, coordinates security, and much more. Women usually prefer this career, although men can do the same job and are called ‘stewards.’

Salaries: The salaries vary depending on Carrier and also based on Domestic or international. Below are some of them mentioned.

Indian Carriers

Air India: Rs.40,000/month

Jet Airways: Rs.35,000/month

SpiceJet: Rs.30,000/month

IndiGo: Rs.31.500/ month

Foreign Carriers

Singapore Airlines: Rs.55,000/month

Etihad Airways: Rs.60,000/month

Delta Airlines: Rs.60,000/month

Duty hours: Airline pilots and cabin crew or air hostesses cannot fly more than a particular number of hours per week or month. Flight Duty Time Limitation has made it sure that pilots and cabin crew are not overworked. It also makes sure that they do not suffer from fatigue and perplexity caused by long hours of flying.

Selecting the right Airline for your Carrier: As India is growing hugely in the Airlines sector and there is a considerable demand for the Air hostesses in the country. We have listed some of the top employers.

Low-Cost Carriers

Air India Express




AirAsia India

Full-Service Carriers

Air India

Jet Airways


Promotion: The promotions start showing after a minimum of 2years service. The salary varies from one post to the other, and it can also change if one switches from one airline to the other.

With all being said, it seems it seems that if you are aiming to join as an air hostess, it is the right time to get going.

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