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Comparison between OnePlus 7 pro and OnePlus 7

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I have been recently using one plus 7 and 7 pro and will try to give you a clear picture of the performance of these two phones. In my opinion, you must give it a try. Here are the comparison between Oneplus 7 pro and Oneplus 7.

To start with, I will first cover the looks. They both come with glass finish at the back which gives it a shiny look but at the same time makes it vulnerable to scratches and fingerprint smudges. The front look they kept it like Oneplus 6T which maybe disappoint some of us, but it surely is acceptable. The body does not come with an IP certified resistance to water or dust. It is safely sealed to deal with minor daily accidents like dropping the phone in mud or calling while raining. There is ample space for a more powerful Dolby-powered speaker. In combination with the better bottom speaker, they produce a good surround sound.

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OnePlus 7 Pro

For the best experience of hardware, no doubt that pro model is better but the new software designs are available on the both so you will get good experience in both. The OnePlus Oxygen is light as compared to Google’s Android operating systems that allow you to change your application icons without using third-party software.

They both come with the Snapdragon 855. The variants available in the market are 6GB, or 8Gb for RAM (for the base model) and 8GB or 12GB RAM (for pro model) and 128GB or 256GB for storing all the data you need is a monster while you test it for speed. Whether it is heavy intense gaming or regular daily routine works, they nail it in every aspect. The only difference that set the phones apart is the new 5G technology that the pro model holds but sadly OnePlus 7 don’t.

The battery is of 3700mAH for the base while the pro uses a 4000mAh battery which gives you enough confidence to get all-day work done at ease. Though the fast charging feature is a bit slower than Oppo and Huawei, it still can manage a pretty quick charge if put on a 20W connection.

OnePlus 7

The standard model has a 48MP rear camera supported by a 20MP camera though the second camera is not of any use. But the three cameras in the pro model that can attract you towards it as all the three cameras have their functions. The pop-up selfie camera that not only allows you to take a good selfie of yours but also gives more display space.

With all these loaded features, they come in different price ranges mentioned below.

OnePlus 7 (6GB RAM, 128GB)-32,999

OnePlus 7 (8GB RAM, 256GB)-37,999

OnePlus 7 pro (6GB RAM, 128GB)- 48,999

OnePlus 7 pro (8GB RAM, 256GB)- 52,999

OnePlus 7 pro (12GB RAM, 256GB)- 57,999

I hope I was able to provide all the information that was needed to inspire you to buy you oneplus 7 or 7pro.

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