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Blogging - More - August 9, 2019

5 Best Blogging Platforms to start you Blog Journey this 2019

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Blogging is a great way to express your word and connect with the world. Blogging is more than just writing and posting pictures. In this fast paced digital world, no one stops and read an encyclopedia for anything, if anyone wants to know something they just ask the search engine. And the results shows numerous blogs related to that query. Bloggers write blogs to express their passion about something, maybe hobbies, whether to connect with people on personal level or to advertise something. Honestly in 2019 blogging has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. Bloggers use their blogs to promote different kind of business. Also it has become a very promising career for many people. 

If you are here, you might interest in starting your own blog channel. The first and foremost step to start a blog is to find a platform. It is very important to find a perfect platform for your blog which is easy to use, provides customization tools and help you to interact with your audience. If you are a beginner and never blogged before you might want to choose a platform that doesn’t include coding or HTML or CSS changes. Also as a beginner blogger you will also be able to choose whether you want to pay for the services. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing 5 blogging platforms that would be perfect for your first blog. 


If there is a list of blogging platforms, definitely it will mention WordPress in the first. Because it is the most oldest and used blogging platform for bloggers. WordPress provides two versions for its users, .org and .com. Both versions offer same features but the .com version also provides additional customization for bloggers. 

WordPress is the best option for the folks who want to take full complete control over the customization of their blogs. It helps to track down traffic via Google Analytics and guide you to freely monitor the website. It has lot of features effective but most of them are paid. It no doubt t the best but for a beginner who want to start from a starch. WordPress might not be a good option for them. Get the best hosting for your WordPress site starting from $2.65/MO.


There are many other website which offers great platforms for new bloggers. But medium is the perfect choice if you don’t want to spend money yet get a built in audience. Unlike some other blogging platforms doesn’t include HTML and CSS customization. Medium is a place where you can share touts to a wide audience. 

Medium is a free and easy platform, you can sign up there as an individual or a business to publish your own posts. Readers can share and comment on others posts, and follow their favorite bloggers. Medium is the perfect place for beginners to start.


Squarespace is known for its customization utility. It provides wide variety of customizing option. The best part of these customization options is that you don’t have to code, it as some built in customization option. This platform let you expand your services and change the themes and plug ins support. If you want to use squarespace for your blogging, knowledge of coding isn’t necessary. 


Weebly is great platform option, it provides you wide rane of easy to use features, including drag and drop options. Also for working with Weebly you don’t need knowledge of coding to make changes. This is a web-building site where you can blogs. Business people find Weebly very easy to use also if you are a beginner, we can start writing your blogs here without spending any money. 


The last on our list blogger.com is a perfect choice for beginner writers; it’s a free blogging platform and simple. Anyone can use its specifications for starting out with a blog. In this platform the writer can type out the content, add images or videos and post. The platform also let users to edit HTML, and widgets. Also it is a Google service, and users need to have Google account to use it. 

That was it, our 5 best suggestions for blogging platforms. If you are a new blogger or write blogs, let us know which blogging site you prefer. 

Thanks for reading guys! And will meet again in the next read. Stay tuned with @Firstbitnews

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