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Technology - October 29, 2018

Top 10 useful applications for iOS & Android

Top 15 useful applications for iOS & Android

Total number of apps on Google Play Store is whopping 3.3 million. There are multiple apps with similar functionalities. You don’t need to try all of them to find the best ones for you. There are some essential iOS and Android apps that you just can’t do without them. The main criterion for choosing an iOS or Android app is its user ratings. There are many alternative apps as well but it all depends upon your choice and your requirement. So here are the top 20 useful applications for iOS and Android.

Nova launcher


Nova launcher is no doubt one of the best apps available for your mobile phone. It’s lightweight and smooth and is quite easy to use. A large number of icons are available that suits your need. Customization in many ways is also available with this app. Its prime version has lot more features than free download version.

Google assistant

It’s an artificial personal assistant designed and developed by Google, which can do lots of tasks. Ask any questions, trigger apps, make plans, play games, etc are some of the tasks that can be done by Google assistant. Not only on the mobile phones, it runs on smartwatches as well, which runs Android and iOS.



Worldwide over 250 million users use Swiftkey, which per says about the massive popularity that this app enjoys. This app uses artificial intelligence technology, which is helpful in accurately predicting the user input. This app is also equipped with autocorrect feature, which corrects any wrong input that user may type.

Google Duo

Google Duo is no doubt one of the best video calling apps available both for iOS and Android platforms. The best part with this app is that it’s quite easy to operate and use. Its knock knock feature has the ability to show you the preview of the caller before you actually receive the call.



It’s a cross platform utility that’s used to take notes in variety of formats. In today’s hectic life, this tool is of utmost importance. Its synching feature across all your devices makes sure that you can access your document from anywhere. It has got home screen widgets as well so that you can quickly access your notes from anywhere.

WPS Office + PDF

It’s a free to download office suite with many attractive features. Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint – it’s fully compatible with these apps. Free PDF reader, converter, editor, it supports these features as well. This app is quite intuitive in the sense that you can save the documents to cloud platform as well.

Google News


Google News uses A.I. techniques so that it can show you most relevant news that is concerned with your browsing habits. It’s no doubt one of the best news apps that you can use on your smartphone. In Google News app you will find a “for you” tab, which will show you personalized news.

ES File Explorer


ES File Explorer is no doubt one of the most popular file explorer apps. It’s equipped with space analyzer feature with which you can analyze the space and delete the unnecessary files from your smartphone. You can share media and other files over WiFi using this explorer.

Google Drive

Google Drive is basically cloud storage services wherein you can store your files safely. Move, share, rename, download or print – that’s what you can do with your files. It encompasses several other applications as well, which gives more flexibility to users. The amount of storage space that a user can have on Google Drive is 15 GB.


Free instant messaging service – that’s what WhatsApp is and is widely used all over the world. Apart from making video calls, you can do lots of other activities as well such as sending text messages, sharing videos and what not. Secure Android messaging apps – that’s the kind of security WhatsApp provides to its users.

Google Chrome

A high value feature rich cross platform browser application, Google Chrome is no doubt one of the best browsers for iOS as well as Android mobile phones. HTML5 support, unlimited tabs, quick links, desktop synching, Google translate, etc are some of its famed features.


It’s one of the essential apps that need to be installed on your smartphone whether it runs iOS or Android. The best part with this app is that no USB data cable is required to transfer files between your smartphone and PC.

MX player


This video player app supports all the video and audio file formats and that’s the reason it’shighly demanded. Fast forwarding, editing of subtitles, gestures for zooming, volume control, etc are some of the features provided by this fantastic app.

Google maps

Google maps is a real time GPS service available both for iOS as well as Android smartphones. Satellite imagery, street maps, short cut planning, real time traffic info, etc are some of its widely used features.



This app has over 100 million downloads so you can imagine the popularity of this photo editing app. There is large number of options to edit any photo in this app. And not only this, it has a built in option to share photos on your favorite social network.

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