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Photography - August 23, 2018

The Types Of Photography You Wouldn’t Miss



Photography isn’t just a hobby anymore. Rather, it has become a medium to voice out one’s thoughts and express the innermost feelings in an intimate way. With the exposure of the population to the more recent technologies like the smart phones and the digital cameras, clicking a photo has become easier.

Starting from landscape photos to the one clicked by some professional photographers, each photo speaks volume. In fact, each photo has a story behind it, hidden behind the colourful background but peeking indeed.

Before moving into the photography sessions, why don’t you make yourself acquainted with the types of photography that are there? In a way, you will learn how to click each photo in the most eccentric way.

So, let’s take a glance at the most beautiful photography types!


Aerial photography is quite intrinsic owing to the fact that they are taken always from the top. When looked below, the view is amazing and taking a snap is surreal. When you’re flying in a plane above you, your eyes take in the beauty of the greenery below you and capturing the same view is the aerial photography skills. In the more professional manner, aerial photography is being used in the surveying and the archaeological studies.



Architecture means the building and the other uprights designed by some skilled civil engineers and architects. Clicking a photo of the unique structures is something people happen to do often. The cameras used in this photo are of special types owing to the fact that this requires utmost accuracy and the exact angular position. It is done either under the sun with the exterior imageries or inside a building itself.



Candid _ photograohy
Candid Photograohy

Candid is what we know to be the most difficult and the most expressive photography type. Here a photo is taken without a prior notice when the object under concern is in motion. Candid photography is like generating an element of surprise and that’s what makes the photos more unique. Candid photography must be done where there is enough light to highlight the subject and the surrounding. Flash isn’t recommended because that will alert the subject.



The documentary is both a form of professional photography as well as an artistic pursuit. The photography is done to record a particular event and present it in a form of historical incident. All across the world, documentary photographers have created their masterpieces and even when the magazine photography had seen its downfall, documentary one never faltered in its step.



Fashion photography is one of the most popular ones since posing with the designer clothes and the matching accessories are quite popular. Fashion programmes and magazines use this type of photography and highlight the designs of the dresses and the mastery skills of the famous brands.



Food photography belongs to the still life genre and accounts for the creative minds of the photographer. Here classic photos of foods are clicked maintaining a proper background decorum. Choice of the background and the food is something that requires professional skills. In fact, it is one of the branches of street photography in areas where foods are quite popular.



The _ View

Landscape photography includes both macro and micro world, showcasing the natural events that take place. It is an entrancing form of photography where you need to be precise about you want to capture. Scenic beauty, daylight pictures of different lands, natural disturbances, manmade architectures with a pronounced natural background are some of the common subjects of landscape photography.



Camera _ photography

Night-long exposures of the photos include two things- sharpening the visibility of the stationary subjects while blurring the moving ones. This creates a focused vision and makes the photography more suitable for capturing the night scenes. It requires precision knowledge about the shutter speed and the exact timing of the click. Sky photography is mainly done using this concept where you can capture the moving objects, the clouds from the space, the trail left behind by the stars and even the meteor showers. 




Photojournalism is a part of the journalism degree where you have to click certain photographs for the sole purpose of publication of certain news. There are many branches of photojournalism like the street photography, documentaries, and even the social photography. Here, the main purpose is to be aware of the happening events surrounding you and the reason for the events.



Camera _ night

There are a lot of descriptions that define the fine art photography but the most accepted one is said from the viewpoint of an artist. Fine art photography is done to convey the story behind a creative object. It is mostly depicted in the photo exhibitions and even in some sort of charity events.



Portrait photography involves clicking on someone’s photo in a form of a portrait. The personification of the individual’s characteristics is focused on this photography genre. A number of different lighting systems are used to highlight the hidden contours of the person’s face, including the freckles and even the cringes beside the eyes. Apart from the entire face, the focus is also given to a particular part of the human body like the eyes, the hands, and even the feet.



Street photography is a broad photography genre that includes candid, food, and even documentary photography. This is generally done in the public places with or without a street. All that is needed in this type of photograph is the presence of something random, something that can be depicted easily on the exterior doing their daily chores.



Wildlife photography is quite famous; after all, you have some of the famous photography sites like the animal planet and the national geography. Though it is somewhat dangerous, no one can deny the thrills associated with wildlife photography. Sometimes a still image is captured while sometimes candid are done. In both ways, this genre has become quite famous all around the world on the professional level.

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