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Hi, I am Suvrangsu Das, founder of Firstbitnews.

I am one of the few of the Indians, who are into internet marketing from the time when people did not know the meaning of internet marketing.

I started blogging in 2016 but Firstbit is not my first blog.

I started Firstbitnews because I wanna spread the knowledge, ideas, start-up enthusiasm & share experiences.

Although make money idea is my favourite topic but I have excellent knowledge on career & education topics, business topics, fashion, photography, health & fitness.

At Firstnews, you will find content on various topics including making money ideas, fashion ideas, startup news, business ideas etc.

We have a full team of excellent writers who are expert in career related topics.

About Suvrangsu Das

Suvrangsu is a World-class professional and business consultant with over four years experience in the digital marketing & IT industries. Over the past two years, He developed a strong network of over 20000 contacts/followers in the crypto space. As an active supporter and advocate of blockchain technology, He provides consultancy and advice to selected ICOs. 

he love writing on such things like career & education topics, business topics, fashion, photography, health & fitness. . Over all I want to improve lifestyle of my followers.

His Expert area is making successful 


Brand Management

Bring best partners to launching bounty and airdrops.

Helps the team in Successful Press releases campaign in Top Tire News Portals.

Digital Marketing campaign over Social Media’s.

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