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Health & Fitness - August 16, 2018

6 Supposedly Healthy Foods You Should Be Avoiding

We often ask ourselves whether we are taking our foods in the correct form or not. In fact, human beings have always been conscious about their diet, no matter how healthy they are. Consuming healthy foods means a healthy life and this thought has driven the humans to look for such a helpful nutrient source for our bodies. In medical terms, healthy food is termed to be the one that will contain the essential nutrients in any of the forms, be it Vitamins, minerals, carbs, and others.

Seeing a plate full of veggies might make you cringe at the very sight but you shouldn’t; after all, veggies are healthy for the body. The same goes for other such conceptual nutritious food that you often consume even when most of them are against your likings. What can you do? Its a matter of staying fit after all and you cannot afford to compromise your supposedly healthy routine. 

However, have you ever imagined that the foods you’re eating, thinking them to be beneficial for your body’s functioning, might be actually harmful to you?

No, obviously not since you always believe in the nutritional facts about the food you are considering. Somehow, despite the wonderful nutritional compositions, some supposedly healthy foods have proven to be extremely harmful to us.


We are quite ignorant about the human physiology and its need. Basically, there are five groups of different nutrients and we are all aware of the fact. And each group is further subdivided into various categories; some needed in less proportion while some in high proportion. A proper nutritional diet is drawn based on the physiology of the human body and the percentage of calorie needed to maintain the proper metabolism of the body.

Even then, our knowledge about proper diet is full of glitches and loopholes, something we defiantly chose to ignore. Here are a few examples where you have actually discarded the good and imbibed the bad!

ï        We think fats are bad for health. Then why it is one of the best sources of energy? Well, some group of fats are there which are extremely essential for the proper function of our body since the very constituent of the human cell membrane is the lipid.

ï        Fibres are definitely good for health. But in that thought, you go on consuming fibre more than excess thinking it to be a faster way to digest the food. However, too much fibre is responsible for causing cramps, bloating, and even pain in the intestinal tract. 

ï        Yes, your body does need protein to repair the muscles. But too much protein? Obviously not as you will have a tendency to develop a disease of uric acid in your blood.

ï        Fruits are definitely full of nutrients, especially the vitamins and the minerals. Then what’s wrong in eating excess? Apart from vitamins and minerals, fruits contain a huge amount of glucose, one thing that you shouldn’t consume too much.

Let’s have a look at some of the healthy foods that you actually should stay away from as much as you can!

healthy foods



Fruits are definitely healthy when eaten as a whole but not when they are consumed in the form of fruit juice. When the juice is extracted, the process concentrates the amount of fructose in the juice, making it one of the primary reasons to cause diabetes I. The body never processes this fructose but rather it is converted into fat by the liver.



Soy protein foods when processed industrially are loaded with tons of glyphosate, one of the most harmful substances for the human body. Recently this chemical has been linked as a cause of many diseases like:

ï        Asthma

ï        Breast cancer

ï        Hay fever

ï        Endometrial cancer

The unfermented ones are the most harmful ones and avoiding them at any cost is the next best option.


Most people prefer the farmed salmon owing to the taste of the fish. However, farmed salmon is one of the most harmful food for the body.

ï        The level of Omega-3 is actually dropping in the salmons. Omega-3 is one of the beneficial nutrients of salmon fish which now is hanging by a thread.

ï        Dioxin level is also increasing with passing days and this environmental pollutant is listed as a causative agent of the dysfunctioning of the immune system.

ï        The Persistent Organic Pollutants in salmon fish pose a risk to the human body by being a source of diabetes I, and other metabolic problems.


4.     SHRIMP

Shrimp is tasty seafood but no one can deny the fact that this fish is full of harmful substances, even the pollutants.

ï        The fungus growing on the body of the shrimps are killed using a malachite green carcinogenic compound which is responsible for causing cancers.

ï        Rotenone is one of the harmful chemicals used to kill the fishes prior to the pond farming of the shrimps. The chemical stays behind and can cause various respiratory diseases when inhaled.

ï        4-hexylresorcinol is a food preservative used on shrimps to prevent the staling of the fish. However, when consumed by humans, this can cause lower sperm count in the males and breast cancers in females due to its oestrogen like effects.



Margarine, though is believed to be the best substitute for calorific butter, is yet another food that you must avoid. Margarine contains trans fat, one of the bad fat that increases the cholesterol level in the blood, and thereby the risks of getting heart attack and strokes. The dairy product lacks the saturated fat and is hence the cause of nutritional deficiency in your body.



Table salt is the refined form of the rock, one that lacks the natural iodine and contains a more harmful form of the potassium iodide. Apart from this, during the refining process, the useful minerals are removed from the rock salt.

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