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Travel & Tourism - September 10, 2018

5 Ways Travel Makes you a Better Person

Travel changes people. Learning about yourself and about strangers while on the road is something everyone should experience! Here are 5 ways travel will make you a better person:

You Learn and Experience Other Cultures

Travel exposes you to “exotic” or just plain different cultures, religions, and ways of life. Being exposed to, and being a part of, these new experiences shape your views on those that seem different than yourself. Traveling is a way to bring different people closer together through mutual experience, and helps eliminate bigotry. 

You Develop a New Taste for Exotic Cuisine

Travelers try different dishes around the globe as they travel. These new flavors, aromas, and ways of cooking will enhance your taste buds. By tasting different, potentially scary dishes from around the world, everyday food back home just does not taste the same once you return. You will continue to explore for new flavors and new foods to try, and you will love it!


You Meet New and Interesting People

Bunking down for the night in a hostel or a stranger’s home can be scary in a new country. However, the people you will meet will completely change your life. By sharing these experiences, and temporarily living with strangers, you will develop friendships that will last the rest of your life. Their stories will change your life, and your experiences will change theirs. 

You Will See Money and Expenses Differently

After traveling, you see expenses in travel instead of dollar signs. That $100/month gym membership is now a week or two backpacking Thailand. You will begin daydreaming about sailing the Greek islands while chowing down on ramen to save for your next trip. Travel truly puts everyday spending in a new perspective. 

You Will Become More Adventurous

Even the most timid travelers at first become exponentially more adventurous as they venture further into the unknown. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking may eventually lead to bungee jumping, hitchhiking, and skydiving. It seems unthinkable now, but once that adventurous side of you comes out, you become a completely different person!

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Ambergris Caye,BelizeWhether you are an experienced backpacker or stepping onto your first flight, travel will make you see the world differently. Strangers become friends, fears become dreams, and your dreams will become reality. All it takes is that push, and travel will shape you into a new and even better person than you were before. 

—-Stacia( Stumblesafari)

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